Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Greets Yuri By Making Fun Of Her Name

They really are best friends.

The members of Girls’ Generation share a rare and beautiful friendship. In 2022, they celebrated their 15th anniversary together, something very few K-Pop groups have the chance to do.

Girls’ Generation performing their 15th anniversary single, “Forever 1” | SMTOWN/YouTube

The girls make each member feel loved by supporting individual activities and spending time together outside work. Recently, Yuri celebrated her 33rd birthday, and she met with Yoona, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, and Sooyoung to celebrate.

The members also took to social media to greet her publicly. Some, like Tiffany, had sweet messages.

Then there was Sooyoung, who posted a video of a glass wastebin with the caption, “Happy birthday today…” since “Yuri” also translates to “glass” in Korean!

SONEs couldn’t help but laugh at how different the two greetings were.

Others felt like the post captured the humor and experience of a 2nd generation idol.

Girls’ Generation are legends in the K-Pop industry, and their everlasting friendship makes them even more iconic!

Girls' Generation

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