Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Reveals Who Takes The Best And Worst Photos Of Her

She even gave free advice on how to take good photos!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung revealed the ones who take the best and the worst photos of her!

Sooyoung recently sat down for an interview segment with Ask Allure, where she read questions sent in by fans and subscribers of Allure Korea!

One of the questions she received was about her “photographers”!

Who takes the best and worst pictures of you? And what tip would you give to the person who is bad at taking pictures of you?

Sooyoung revealed that there are two people who take the best photos of her! She named fellow group member Tiffany as one, and also mentioned how she pushes her to pose better for more aesthetic pictures!

Tiffany takes the best pictures of me. She knows my prettiest looks, and when I’m shy, she can push me to do more. So when I’m shy and like this, she says, “What are you doing? Straighten your shoulders! Eyes!” Like that.


Sooyoung then revealed that jinsoyeon is another friend who takes great photos of her!

jinsoyeon also takes good pictures of me. She likes slow motion, so she tells me to “turn around~”, and takes slow-motion videos of me turning around!


She next spoke about a person in her life who takes terrible photos of her, and revealed that she never asks that person to be her photographer-ever!

I do know one person who can’t take good photos of me. I don’t ask them to take my pictures at all! I trim things when needed to be trimmed, and I do a good camera angle. So people around me really like it when I take their pictures. Then they should take good photos of me too, right!?

I dressed up, we’re at a really nice place…and it’s upsetting if I don’t get any good pictures.


Shen then threw in her advice for the person who doesn’t match up to her photography standards!

Go to my Instagram and take a look at Tiffany’s camera angles, colors, and background settings!


Regardless of who takes the photos, Sooyoung is still gorgeous!

Watch the whole thing here from the 4:20 mark onwards!

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