Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Reveals Tiffany’s Unique Method To Seducing Someone

“I saw it and was completely shocked.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny appeared as a guest on Eye Contact where she dropped some exclusive details about her fellow member Tiffany Young!


Sunny revealed that Tiffany has the ability to seduce someone just with one look! She recalled a scene from their “I Got A Boy” music video where Tiffany looked at her boyfriend after he wipes ice cream off of her lips.

My member Tiffany, during our ‘I Got A Boy’ music video, smiled at her boyfriend character after he wiped ice cream off of her face.

I saw it and was completely shocked. I realized that you really can speak through your eyes!

— Sunny


She learned Tiffany’s unique method and saved it for herself. She claimed, “After seeing that I realized that I can seduce someone if I just do what she did.


So she replicated the look right then and there!


Sunny soon burst out laughing, claiming it didn’t look right but that was a total lie since Sunny just made the whole world fall in love with that look!


But who can ever resist Tiffany or Sunny when they look at you with this lethal look?!

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