Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Hit With Accusations Of Plagiarizing BTS’s Jungkook

Netizens have come to her defense.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was recently the target of plagiarism accusations.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | SM Entertainment

On November 5, it was announced that Taeyeon would release her fifth mini album, To. X, on November 27. Following the typical K-Pop release schedule, teaser photos and previews of what to expect from the album have followed, exciting fans for the artist’s latest solo work.

Many have guessed the release will be about a breakup as a handsome man has appeared in several of her concept images and the hints given in motion teasers.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

With K-Pop releases, there is sometimes pushback when including someone of the opposite sex, but the pushback surrounding Taeyeon’s release has nothing to do with this.

Instead, the artist has been accused of plagiarizing visuals from one of BTS Jungkook‘s singles.

BTS’s Jungkook | BIGHIT Music

As the release grows closer, highlight videos featuring sounds from the album have been shared. On November 20, the third highlight video, titled “Melt Away,” was published and depicts Taeyeon sitting at a table with the same man from the teaser before showing her alone, signaling a breakup.

Some found this imagery very similar to the dinner scene in Jungkook’s “SEVEN,” where he and actress Han So Hee argue about their relationship.

However, netizens have quickly come to the female soloist’s defense. Many have stated that several artists have done the dinner table concept many times before, including One Direction.

Others have pointed out that Taeyeon is referencing her own track “11:11,” which was released in 2017, before the release of “SEVEN.”

| SM Entertainment

While netizens may differ in their thoughts on the matter, Taeyeon and Jungkook both put their own spins on the dinner table concept and deserve respect as artists for their hard work.