Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And Her Dog Zero Become Spokesperson For Pet Brand LieVe

“I want Zero to be the happiest while living with me.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently filmed an adorable advertisement with her dog, Zero, showing her love for a brand she is now endorsing.

Taeyeon posted the video on her Instagram with the caption, “My Zero did so well.” She posted another video with the caption “Love, Live, Lieve.

The clips were for the pet-friendly lifestyle brand LieVe, which creates products with both the owner and the pet in mind. They state that they are a household brand that treats pets like members of the family.

| @lieve_kr/Instagram

Taeyeon has been raising Zero since about 2017 and often has her dog in her pictures. She even has a separate Instagram just for Zero. She shared her love for Zero in a video on that Instagram.

My Zero came to me in the very difficult times I had in 2017. It was a time when I couldn’t even maintain my own body. However, Zero gifted me with the feeling of responsibility. Thanks to Zero, I could endure each and every day. At times, I think about what Zero wants or if he’s comfortable or not. I want Zero to be the happiest while living with me.


The brand hoped that Taeyeon and Zero’s special bond would showcase how important they feel pet-owner companionship is.

Source: WikiTree, LieVe and 10Asia

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