Girls Generation’s Taeyeon Drops Surprise Teaser For New Song And Fans Are Already In Love

This is not a drill: Taeyeon has new music coming out!

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon dropped a surprise teaser for a new song, and fans were shook!

On November 27, Taeyeon’s Japanese label Universal Music Japan dropped a teaser of her new song, “I Do”. The teaser went unnoticed by most because it was not previously announced, but some lucky fans discovered tweets about it on Twitter, and immediately went to go check it out!

The fans were understandably shook because they almost missed out on Taeyeon’s golden vocals!


Upon digging deeper, fans discovered that the new track is a part of a list of songs that will be on Blu-ray and DVD, available in a special gift box from Taeyeon’s 2019 Japan tour, Signal!



Having recently sang an OST for the Korean release of Frozen 2, and following the immense success brought by her Purpose album, fans are extremely excited for the new music coming from the queen!


“I Do” is set to release on December 25. Check out the teaser here!

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