Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Confesses How She Really Feels About GOT7’s BamBam Constantly Mentioning Her

She finally guested on his show.

GOT7‘s BamBam has been an outspoken fanboy of Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon since childhood. Previously, fans noticed Taeyeon had been his lockscreen, and he would frequently interact with her social media posts as a faithful fan does.

GOT7’s BamBam and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon |  @bambam1a/Instagram

Although BamBam has since met his ultimate bias, it has been his goal for Taeyeon to guest on his YouTube interview show Bam’s House, in which he invites idols to his home, interviews them, and prepares them snacks. Anytime a company mate or friend of Taeyeon’s visited, BamBam mentioned Taeyeon in hopes that she’d receive the message. For instance, BamBam’s first guest was SHINee‘s Key, who is Taeyeon’s best friend.

Still, BamBam received criticism for frequently mentioning Taeyeon. Netizens referred to it as “Creepy.”

BamBam has addressed the hate via X (formerly Twitter). He previously teased the last episode of Bam’s House. 

Now, the day has come, and this season’s finale has been released, revealing the long-anticipated Taeyeon as the guest. BamBam finally reached his goal.

BamBam was so nervous leading up to Taeyeon’s arrival, cleaning non-stop. When she finally set foot in his home, his anxiety didn’t stop as he even stuttered his greeting.

Taeyeon: Oh, your hands really are… shaking?

BamBam: I know, right? It’s okay. I can calm down.

Taeyeon: But having a visitor in your home is indeed nerve-racking.

BamBam: I wasn’t this nervous with other guests.

Taeyeon: Really?

When they sat down for the interview, BamBam thanked Taeyeon. In return, she thanked him for inviting her.

BamBam: First, thank you so much for coming on.

Taeyeon: Thank you for inviting me.

BamBam: It’s nothing.

Taeyeon noted that BamBam had mentioned her frequently. BamBam confessed he felt terrible for mentioning her so much, but he had done so unintentionally.

Taeyeon: BamBam mentioned me often.

BamBam: Personally, I felt really bad.

Taeyeon: Because you mentioned me too much?

BamBam: I kept mentioning you without even realizing it. But I felt like I was overreacting, so I felt really bad.

Taeyeon reassured BamBam that he had nothing to feel bad about. She confessed that she watched Bam’s House, and she was always happy to be mentioned. So, she was excited to guest.

Taeyeon: No, no. I was so grateful. And when I’m watching these at home, it’s really nice when someone says my name.

BamBam: I see.

Taeyeon: While watching, I giggle like this by myself.

BamBam: Gosh, thank you.

Taeyeon: I really wanted to come to Bam’s House!

BamBam: Thank you.

Taeyeon: I was so glad.

BamBam was shocked to hear Taeyeon had been a watcher of his show. She admitted that she watched since the beginning!

BamBam: Did you really know? About Bam’s House?

Taeyeon: Of course!

BamBam: How long have you known?

Taeyeon: I think since when you first started.

BamBam: Since Season 1?

Taeyeon: Yeah.

BamBam: Right, I mentioned you then a bit, too.

Taeyeon: It might only be natural, but I watched Key’s episode.

BamBam is such a successful fan!

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