GOT7’s BamBam Reunited With His Ultimate Bias, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon — And Its Everything We Hoped For

BamBam is the most successful fanboy ever!

GOT7‘s BamBam was finally able to reunite with his favorite idol, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon at a recent concert in Thailand!

GOT7’s BamBam | @GOT7_Official/Twitter
Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Fans have been looking forward to the interactions between Taeyeon and BamBam since the two were both announced to be attending the 2022 BEST OF BEST CONCERT in Bangkok, Thailand, alongside EXO‘s Chen, and Xdinary Heroes.

BamBam has been a fan of Taeyeon since pre-debut and has often cited her as his idol. He’s even shared that he used to go to her fansigns back when he was a trainee!

Fans enjoy teasing BamBam about his love for the artist as well.

From the moment the pair were on stage, BamBam could barely seem to keep his cool! After he walked on stage to MC, BamBam can be seen joyfully celebrating being onstage with Taeyeon again.

Taeyeon first introduced herself, saying hello to the crowd, and then turned to say hello directly to BamBam who quickly lost his composure.

During this segment of the show, BamBam was able to speak with Taeyeon and asked her if she remembered him. When she confirmed that she did and even where they were!

BamBam: Do you remember me?

Taeyeon: How can I forget? I remember you well. I still remember when we first met.

BamBam: Where?

Taeyeon: In the waiting room at a music show?

BamBam’s inner fanboy kept slipping out, especially when Taeyeon touched his arm while the two were laughing after she complimented him on his Thai without knowing he was from Thailand!

BamBam reached peak successful fan after the concert was over, and was able to take photographs with Taeyeon to post on his social media accounts! While his Twitter comment was much more composed, his Instagram caption of “1997-2022 R.I.P DoubleB” showed his true feelings.

Fans are extremely happy for BamBam and can’t help but tease him for his reactions yet again!

Taeyeon wasn’t the only idol BamBam had cute interactions with! Check out his interactions with EXO’s Chen below:

GOT7’s BamBam And EXO’s Chen Get Into The Cutest Compliment War At The “Best Of Best Concert” In Bangkok

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