The Biggest Misconception About Idols — According To Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Most fans have felt this at least once…

When Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon joined ELLE Korea for a “Personal Conversation” interview this week, she opened up about the biggest misconception people have about idols—and what the job is really like.

Fans from across South Korea sent in questions for Taeyeon to answer, and 26-year-old designer Yang Soo Jin had a particularly eye-opening query: “What’s the biggest prejudice that people have about your occupation?” Given that working as an idol and entertainer is such a unique job that most can’t relate to, it’s no surprise that people have many misconceptions about what it’s really like.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | ELLE KOREA/YouTube

But for Taeyeon, one misconception stands out the most. The star revealed that the “prejudice” she hears most often is, “You get to wear such pretty clothes all the time; I wish I could have the spotlight on me as much as you have.”


Indeed, envying the fame and fortune of K-Pop idols is something many fans have felt at least once. Taeyeon confessed that she’s heard statements like these numerous times, but explained that having the spotlight on her all the time isn’t necessarily an easy ride.

Sometimes, I want to drop everything and take a break,” she admitted, but added that that’s not necessarily possible.


Since Taeyeon has numerous eyes on her at all times and thousands of fans relying on her, she feels a sense of obligation to push through the difficulties. “I’m already a member of Girls’ Generation,” she explained, “and after knowing how much influence I have on people, I naturally developed this sense of responsibility.”


All that said, Taeyeon went on to reveal that while the spotlight can sometimes be a burden, she loves music “and the freedom that it has.” She also revealed that she does have a sense of greed, but it’s “the greed to do better” so she can succeed at this once-in-a-lifetime chance without regrets.

Watch Taeyeon’s full interview here:

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