Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals The Touching, Personal Reason Why She Posts On Social Media So Often

She’s such a sweetheart 💜

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, soloist and Girls’ Generation star Taeyeon opened up about the personal yet touching reason why she tries to post on social media as often as possible.

If you’re one of the 16.3 million followers on Taeyeon’s personal Instagram account, @taeyeon_ss, you’ll be greeted to a non-stop stream of gorgeous photos on an almost daily basis. From behind-the-scenes selfies to photos of her themed Amazing Saturday outfits, Taeyeon’s feed has it all—but why does she update her social media so often?

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Taeyeon delved into her reasoning with Cosmopolitan Korea. “I believe that it’s one of my absolute musts to engage with my fans,” she began. As her follower count makes clear, Taeyeon has accumulated numerous loyal and dedicated fans in her 14 years as a star idol, and they’re all overjoyed to hear from her so often.

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Continuing, Taeyeon explained that she believes her fans would get lonely if she decided not to engage with them just because she’s enjoying her downtime between comebacks. Sadly, the soloist added, “I don’t want my fans to endure those feelings because I know what it’s like to experience loneliness.” Back in 2019, Taeyeon opened up about being diagnosed with depression and struggling with negative feelings.

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I know what [loneliness] is like all too well.

— Taeyeon, Cosmopolitan Korea

As such, Taeyeon says this is why she tries to post daily on social media. “Even if it’s just a daily selfie or a photo of Zero,” she added. Zero is Taeyeon’s 3-year-old silver poodle, a budding star in his own right. Alongside a clothing collaboration with SPAO, Zero has over 400,000 Instagram followers of his own at @zero.taeyeon.

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Who could ask to stan a more caring and thoughtful idol than Taeyeon?

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