Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Gets Praised For Pulling Off A Unique “Unicorn” Makeup Look

“🧚🧚🧚 She looks like a fairy.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently made her long awaited solo comeback and fans couldn’t be more excited! Taeyeon came back with “Weekend,” which is a fun and summery song, featuring bright colors and a more girlier aesthetic.

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon with her “Weekend” comeback | SM Entertainment

The Girls’ Generation member stood on her first comeback stage in 4 years since her last solo comeback with “Fine.” And while it has been several years since we last saw Taeyeon’s face and presence on stage, the girl group member still managed to kill it with her talent and her visuals.

As Taeyeon stood on the M! Countdown stage to perform “Weekend” live for the first time since its release, many things caught the eyes of netizens. Her killer voice, her never-aging visuals, and her retro aesthetic were wildly loved by all. However, it was her unique and colorful makeup that truly stole the show.

The cotton candy “unicorn” color palette of her eyeshadows quickly garnered the attention of all those who have been keeping track of her comeback. Whether it was her music video or her M! Countdown performance, netizens have been raving about Taeyeon’s colorful makeup look.

Netizens couldn’t help but pour out their astonishment at Taeyeon’s ability to pull off such unique and vibrant makeup colors.

| theqoo
  • “It’s not that she can pull it off, but she just looks really pretty with it!?!? I’ve thought ‘Taeyeon is really freaking pretty’ many times before but this may take the cake.”
  • “Oh whoa, it’s true. She’s so f*cking pretty.”
  • “She’s a fairy.”
  • “She’s like a canvas.”
  • “Wow it’s so nice.”
  • “There’s nothing she can’t do. She can even pull off something like this.”
  • “So freaking pretty.”
Taeyeon performing “Weekend” on “M! Countdown” | Mnet

We would have to agree with netizens on this one! Taeyeon truly manages to pull off all things, making her the queen of K-Pop. Make sure to check out her “Weekend” comeback stage on M! Countdown down below!

Source: theqoo

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