Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals The Top Male Celebrities She Thinks Are Handsome

Honestly, who could disagree? 😍

To celebrate the release of her latest single, “What Do I Call You?”, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon gave fans one of the greatest gifts they could ask for—a 100-question interview. One of the questions Taeyeon had to answer was all about which male celebrities she finds handsome, and she had three top picks on her mind.


1. Kang Dongwon

As soon as she read the question, Taeyeon immediately recalled recently thinking, “Wow, he’s handsome” about a certain male celebrity. After a little thinking, the name came to her—Kang Dong Won.

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“Oh, he’s so handsome”, who was that? Kang Dong Won… Yes, right, Dong Won-oppa.

— Taeyeon

Kang Dong Won is a famous 39-year-old South Korean actor who recently starred in Peninsula, the sequel to world-popular Train to Busan. Taeyeon has been a big fan of the actor for years, and luckily even got to meet him back in 2014. The cutest part is that Kang Dong Won is a big Girls Generation fan too!

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2. Minho (SHINee)

Next, Taeyeon turned her attention to her labelmates—including SHINee’s visual Minho.

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Taeyeon and Minho have been close friends for years, so it’s no surprise she included him in her top three. During the Q&A, she also revealed that he was the first “member” to contact her when she released her latest single, “What Do I Call You?”. According to Taeyeon, Minho said the song was “so good” that his body was “gonna twist“.

Minho with Yeri (center) and Taeyeon (right). | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

For me, everyone is my member.

— Taeyeon

3. Lucas (NCT)

For her last pick, Taeyeon was struggling to remember her favorite good-looking male stars. After turning to her staff for help, they suggested a labelmate who got Taeyeon very excited; NCT’s Lucas.

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Lucas! Lucas! Lucas, right!

— Taeyeon

It’s not known whether Taeyeon is close with her 21-year-old hoobae, but she did collaborate with him on “All Night Long”, one of the tracks from her 2018 album Something New. Given that even plastic surgeons think Lucas’s visuals are perfect, it’s no surprise Taeyeon finds him handsome too.

Source: GIRLS\' GENERATION (YouTube)

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