Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Shares Realistic Diet Tips To Maintain Her Small Frame

Realistic advice.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is known for her petite frame. She’s often called “fairy” by her fans! Although she’s naturally on the small side, Taeyeon has lost quite a bit of weight over the years. She shared her diet tip to maintaining a certain weight on a recent appearance on variety show, Petkage.

The answer was simple. There’s no easy way out of things! Her secret was to eat less. She mostly eats meals around a diet of salad. On the show, the cast ordered a variety of food to accompany their ocean view. From seafood to soups to ramyun, they ordered a feast. However, one of the cast members, Kim Heechul from Super Junior, noticed that Taeyeon had ordered a salad.

Taeyeon shared that she prefers eating lighter foods and that she would eat small meals in frequency rather than three large ones.

It looks like all her effort and self-management has paid off! There’s really no short-cut to beauty.

Source: Star Today

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