Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Shocks Netizens After Debuting Her New, Short Hairstyle On The Way To “Knowing Bros”

How does Taeyeon never seem to age?

Although Girls’ Generation debuted way back in 2007, the group has continued to be the standard bearers when it comes to K-Pop. It meant that netizens worldwide couldn’t contain their excitement when the group announced a comeback for the summer.

With the track set to be released next month, the members have been wowing netizens with their visuals, particularly Taeyeon.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Over the years, Taeyeon has wowed netizens with her diverse visuals in Girls’ Generation and also as a soloist. In particular, her luscious locks have always gained praise for keeping up with trends and making it seem like she doesn’t age.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram
| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram
| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Ahead of the comeback, the group has been filming content for SONEs worldwide, and most recently, were spotted filming for the famous variety show Knowing Bros. As expected, the idols looked flawless and really gave the school uniforms an air of sophistication and class.

Yet, Taeyeon particularly caught the attention of netizens after revealing her brand new, short hairstyle. After years of her long locks, the idol was now rocking a shorter and more choppy hairstyle.

Walking in with the rest of the members, Taeyeon’s visuals shone with her new hairstyle, and it was undeniable to notice just how amazing it looked.

Even in more low-quality fan pictures, the idol looked absolutely flawless and stood out as the only member with short hair. With her new hair, Taeyeon looked even more youthful, as if she had just debuted in a fourth-generation group.

| @skyline_ty39/Twitter
| @skyline_ty39/Twitter
| @skyline_ty39/Twitter

Of course, when the images were posted, netizens couldn’t believe that they not only got to see all the members but that Taeyeon was using it to showcase her new hairstyle. As expected, they were fangirling about how beautiful the idol looked.

Many netizens even thought that Taeyeon was serving major #tb vibes and compared the hairstyle to some of her most iconic Girls’ Generation looks.

There is no denying that Taeyeon always looks amazing, but her new haircut has proved to be even more stunning. After having long locks the past few years, the idol has showcased another side to her visuals, and she looks like something straight out of a fairytale.

You can read more about the group’s activities ahead of their comeback below.

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