The Real Reason Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon And Seohyun Started Crying When They Were Rooming Together

Girls’ Generation is truly back and making our hearts melt!

When it comes to the most iconic K-Pop groups of all time, Girls’ Generation is always at the top of the list. Debuting in 2007, the SM Entertainment girl group has constantly been the standard bearer for idols, and the members have become a true inspiration to those in the industry.

Girls’ Generation in 2017 | SM Entertainment

Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that netizens worldwide went crazy when the group announced a comeback. Ahead of their return, the members have excited fans with several variety show appearances, including Soshi TamTam.

In the recent episode, the members went to a house and enjoyed some free time together, playing games and just hanging out. When it came to the members’ rooming arrangements, they were in groups of two, with Hyoyeon and Seohyun being together in a nice and spacious room.

Seohyun (left) and Hyoyeon (right) | @seojuhyun_s/Instagram

They all seemed satisfied with their rooming, but there was a catch. The members were given a mission to give each other nicknames and to give each other compliments.

Seohyun is the maknae of the group and has a special place in the hearts of all the members, and Hyoyeon was no different. When it came to complimenting Seohyun, she shared the difficulties her member must’ve faced when they first debuted.

Seohyunie is the maknae so it must have been hard for you compared to the unnies.

— Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon then got very deep and apologized to Seohyun for the hardships along with complimenting her, and it got everyone emotional as the words held so much meaning.

So I’m so sorry and going forward, I hope you will endure more hardships, hehe. And! Thank you for growing up prettily and righteously for 31 years.

— Hyoyeon

Yet, it seems as if it wasn’t just netizens who were emotional. As she finished speaking, Hyoyeon explained, “I think I’m going to be sad!” as she collapsed on the bed. Seohyun seemed to feel the same as she added, “Unnie, I’m tearing up too! Suddenly? I’m crying too. I’m touched.”

After both members collapsed onto the bed, they continued crying and joked about how they didn’t know why it was actually happening.

Hyoyeon: Ah, why am I like this?

Seohyun: Why are we crying?

Seohyun and Hyoyeon then got very nostalgic as they explained that being there and crying like that made them think of the past. For any long-time SONEs, it would’ve definitely made them emotional hearing the members talking about the past.

Hyoyeon: When we were Japan roomies, we had serious and honest chats, so I can’t do this playfully.

Seohyun: Same with me. It feels like we’ve gone back to that time.

Their reactions to the missions were definitely very different from the rest of the members who seemed to be having a lot of fun and playing around.


Yet, the heartfelt message and reactions between the two showcased just how close they are, and it’s definitely proof that Girls’ Generation’s comeback is going to make the hearts of netizens worldwide burst with joy. With more content on the way, SONEs will definitely have a busy few months ahead of them.

Source: @SNSD_0805 and KCON VOYAGE

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