Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Shows Her Friendship By Promoting Jeon Somi’s Debut Solo Single “Birthday”

Somi is the most successful fangirl!

Recently, Somi has made her long anticipated debut with her single album “Birthday” and has garnered the support of many of her fellow female idols in K-Pop including BLACKPINK and TWICE’s Chaeyoung.

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However, those weren’t the only endorsements Somi has received!

One of the most successful and legendary singers in K-Pop, Taeyeon, showed her support by posting a screenshot of Somi’s debut single on her Instagram stories.

It is clear that Somi’s debut has received the stamp of approval from Taeyeon herself.

Many fans have loved this interaction as Somi has been a huge fan of Taeyeon, having enthusiastically danced to “Why” while still a member of I.O.I

Taeyeon has also gotten to know Somi over the years and has constantly expressed her love for her junior.

Earlier this year, Somi commented on Taeyeon’s Instagram live and Taeyeon enthusiastically greeted her friend.

They may be twelve years apart, but they not only share a great friendship, but also the same “Birthday”!

As Somi embarks on the start of her solo career, it is heartwarming to see that she has the guidance and support of legendary soloists like Taeyeon.

Hopefully there will be more interactions between these two idols!

Somi is truly beloved by so many groups and by so many fandoms!