Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Can’t Stop Fangirling Over “Dune” Actor Timothée Chalamet

She even got her dancers to fangirl with her!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon lives an extraordinary life, but if there’s something regular people like us can relate to, it’s her love for American actor Timothée Chalamet!

Timothée Chalamet | @tchalamet/Instagram

Recently, a behind the scenes dance practice video of Taeyeon’s “INVU” was released.

During one of the breaks, Taeyeon excitedly asked her dancers if any of them had seen the film Dune.

Did anyone watch Dune?

— Taeyeon

No one?” she asked in disbelief, shocked that none of them had replied.

She explained that it is a “movie about a desert.”

Plot aside, one of the main reasons why she loves it is because of Timothée Chalamet, who plays protagonist Paul Atreides.

Taeyeon proceeded to place a hand over her chest and passionately say his name. Her dancers playfully started chanting it out loud.

Timothée Chalamet. Chalamet. Chalamet.

— Taeyeon and her dancers

One of them even shouted “Chalamet, I love you“—and Taeyeon echoed the sentiment! Given his good looks and talent, it’s no wonder she’s a fan.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon’s “INVU” behind the scenes videos don’t stop there. She was recently filmed receiving an album full of handwritten letters from her team. Check out the touching moment here:

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Staff Gave Her An Album Of Handwritten Letters—Here’s How She Reacted

Source: YouTube

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