Girls’ Generation Tiffany Is Now A Tattoo Artist

SONEs get in line because Tiffany’s going to be the next big break in the tattoo industry!

Tiffany has made a comeback as a tattoo artist! New York based tattoo artist, Jonathan Valena (a.k.a JonBoy), posted a picture of himself with Tiffany.

The same day, Tiffany posted a video of herself working on JonBoy’s arm. Not only is Tiffany an amazing singer but she’s clearly skilled in other artistic talents!

JonBoy then posted a picture of the finished product!

Tiffany also showed off the brand new tattoo that JonBoy did for her!

Tiffany has two other tattoos besides this lovely addition. The first is a tattoo of the word “Dreamer” on the inside of her right ring finger. Her other tattoo reads “Toujours belle” which translates as “Always beautiful”.

Just another skillset to add to Tiffany’s long list of talents!

Source: Dispatch and MIJ

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