The Unexpected Reason Girls’ Generation’s Yoona And Sooyoung Started “Crying” During Each Other’s Speech At The “2022 MBC Drama Awards”

They are truly a chaotic AF duo!

Two idols that have always seemed to be the center of attention for fans are Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung and Yoona. From debuting as idols in 2007 and becoming well-loved actresses, the two members never stop making fans laugh with their interactions.

Recently, the two gained attention for their hilarious interaction during a recent awards show.

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona (left) and Sooyoung (right) | Marie Claire

Over the years, the two members have always showcased a strong bond, and both shine as idols and actresses.

On December 30, both Sooyoung and Yoona appeared at the MBC Entertainment Awards. While Sooyoung was the host, Yoona was attending after being nominated for Big Mouth. As expected, both idols gained attention for their amazing looks and visuals before the event started.

During the awards ceremony, Sooyoung unsurprisingly won the “Excellence Award.” As expected, the idol seamlessly went from being the host of the show to accepting the award and looked truly flawless while she started making her speech.

At one point, the camera unsurprisingly panned to Yoona while Sooyoung was making her speech. Yoona’s face was full of admiration at her member as Sooyoung started making her speech after winning the award.

When Yoona’s beautiful face appeared, Sooyoung showcased how chaotic their friendship was after adding, “Yoona, this is the moment you can cry now.” After hearing those words, Yoona immediately put her hands to her eyes as if she was crying.

As the crowds started cheering, Yoona’s “crying” turned to laughter as she realized that everyone was watching her.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over how Sooyoung was having fun messing with Yoona, even while she was giving her speech.

What was even cuter about the interaction was that, earlier in the show, Sooyoung had revealed that if Yoona wins an award, she would definitely cry because of the close bond the duo has as part of Girls’ Generation.

When Yoona won her award, Sooyoung kept her promise with her own emotions, making netizens LOL.

Even after 15 years in the industry, Sooyoung and Yoona proved how close and chaotic the members of Girls’ Generation still are.



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