Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Goes Viral For Her Nostalgic, But Charismatic Performance Of “The Boys” 

Yuri, you dropped this 👑

MBC‘s upcoming reality survival show My Teenage Girl is gearing up for its grand premiere and to excite the public, they just dropped a powerful teaser featuring all of the show’s mentors.

MBC’s upcoming competition series titled, “My Teenage Girl.”

With the aim of debuting a global girl group, My Teenage Girl will focus on training the contestants in vocals, rapping, and performance. In order to properly train the program’s participants, MBC recruited 4 powerful women to take part in the program’s journey as mentors.

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri(G)I-DLE‘s SoyeonStreet Woman Fighter dancer Aiki, and veteran singer Ok Ju Hyun were casted as the 4 charismatic mentors for the competition program.

Ok Ju Hyun (top left), Girls’ Generation’s Yuri (top right), Aiki (bottom left) and (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon (bottom right).

While each mentor has some serious stage presence and power, it was none other than Girls’ Generation’s Yuri that has started to go viral for her perfect performance of her group’s previous mega hit song, “The Boys.”

And we can see why. Her visuals…

…alluring stage presence…

…and her amazing dance moves totally stole the show.

Following the release of the variety show’s teaser, Twitter users began to express their love for Yuri and her amazing teaser performance.

The song may have come out 10 years ago, but Yuri has proved that she’s still got it! My Teenage Girl will be premiering on November 28 but in the meantime, be sure to check out the teaser down below.

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