Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany breaks her hiatus with latest pictorial on Instagram

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has outdone the netizens once more by breaking her silence on photo sharing site, Instagram. 

Despite the recent criticism received through her subtle updates on the said social networking site, Tiffany posted three photos simultaneously from her recent activities.

On October 19th, Tiffany somewhat resumed full-scale activities through her personal Instagram account. She posted three photos from her recent pictorial with watch brand, Baby G. The singer highlighted different concepts for the brand and appeared trendy and elegant in her various styling.

Meanwhile, netizens remained divided over their argument about Tiffany’s return to SNS. Some have stated that it was too early for the singer to be active once more, but her fans remained vocal of their persistence on her current activities and whereabouts.

Since annoucing her hiatus back in August due to her “Rising Sun flag” controversy, Tiffany has suspended all activities including her SNS profiles. Fans, however, managed to capture little sneaky moments from the singer who managed to make a few changes on her personal Instagram account during that period.

Source: Dispatch