Girls Generation’s Tiffany And Taeyeon Are Not Together In LA For The First Time And They Can’t Deal

#Taeny FTW!

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon sure misses her BFF, Tiffany!

On November 10, MTV News posted a series of Q&A videos of Tiffany during the New York stop of her Magnetic Moon tour. She answered tons of questions from her fans on their Twitter account, and fans got to see and know more of this candid side of Tiffany! One of the questions asked was,

Who was the last Girls Generation member that you spoke to?


Tiffany paused for a seconds and then answered,

Taeyeon! I spoke to Taeyeon because she’s in LA right now.


In complete disbelief, Tiffany then relayed how both of them were absolutely shook about Taeyeon being in LA without Tiffany for the first time!

Taeyeon was like, “How am I in LA without you? I’ve never been to LA without you!”



She then closed her answer by telling everyone that while she spoke to Taeyeon last, she talks to all her members all the time, for the bond of Soshi is forever!


Watch her answer more questions on MTV News’s Twitter thread here!


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