These Are The Girls Leading The “Produce 48” Rankings After Episode 6

The Top trainees at the halfway point of the show.

Produce 48 just aired its sixth episode and these are the revealed trainees that would form the final group, if the show ended today.

The final group will consist of 12 trainees, and there is no requirement for Korean and Japanese members, meaning there could be 10 Koreans and 2 Japanese trainees in the final group, or vice versa.


Voting has reset after the first round of eliminations, meaning the previous 14.7 million votes are not factored into the tally anymore. So far, 11,525,290 votes have been cast for the second round of eliminations.

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Votes are even more important as only the Top 30 trainees will advance to the third round of Produce 48. Ranks 31-57 will be eliminated from the show, with the 58th contestant being Matsui Jurina after she dropped out due to health issues.

Trainees are also fighting for even more benefit votes, with the first place teams in the Vocal and Dance receiving 5,000 extra votes per member. The overall #1 vote-getter for the position evaluations will also receive 10,000 additional votes on top, for a potential bonus of up to 15,000.


Only select rankings were revealed, but the number of votes for each position was revealed.

30. FNC Entertainment’s Park Haeyoon (169,987 votes)

Park Haeyoon performed BoA’s “Merry Chri” and placed 1st within her team.


12. Yuehua Entertainment’s Wang Yiren (302,408)

Wang Yiren performed Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side” and placed 4th within her team


11. AKB48’s Honda Hitomi (319,938)

Honda Hitomi will perform Little Mix’s “Touch” during the next episode.


10. Pledis Entertainment’s Heo Yoonjin (338,459)

Heo Yoonjin will perform Girls’ Generation’s “Into the New World” during the next episode.


9. ? (338,836)

8. ? (363,191)

7. ? (371,306)

6. ? (385,951)

5. ? (394,515)

4. ? (410,296)

3. ? (426,519)


In a special teaser, Mnet released the 2 candidates for the #1 spot. HKT48’s Yabuki Nako and Starship Entertainment’s Jang Wonyoung are the 2 candidates that were revealed.