“Girls Planet 999″ Contestant Chen Hsin Wei Accidentally Calls Actor Yeo Jin Goo An “Ugly Man”

The sheer panic that follows is absolutely hilarious. 😂😂😂

In the premiering episode of Mnet‘s brand new survival show Girls Planet 999, one Chinese contestant made both producers and viewers crack up with a cute Korean language mistake!

Contestant Chen Hsin Wei | MNet

When actor Yeo Jin Goo appeared on stage as the show host, dubbed the “Planet Master,” contestant Chen Hsin Wei (also known as ViVi) had one thing on her mind. That visual!

Unfortunately, while trying to express what is on her mind with her limited Korean skills, Chen Hsin Wei called Yeo Jin Yoo “ugly” not once, but twice—both times beaming with an irresistible smile!

He is ug-ugly? He is an ugly man…

— Chen Hsin Wei

Only when the production staff started laughing, Chen Hsin Wei realized something might have gone wrong. She repeated herself in Chinese—and the translation revealed that she meant, “He is a handsome man.”

In Korean, “ugly” and “handsome” are only one syllable different—with “ugly” being mot-sang-gida and “handsome” being jal-sang-gida. It’s no wonder Chen Hsin Wei got them mixed up!

When a Chinese speaking staff makes her aware of what she initially said, Chen Hsin Wei goes into full panic mode…

I’m so sorry, I’m sorry!

— Chen Hsin Wei

…and her baffled reactions are simply too adorable!

Oh my goodness, that could get me in a lot of trouble. Please don’t air this!

— Chen Hsin Wei

Sorry, Yeo Jin Goo-ssi. Chen Hsin Wei obviously does NOT think you’re an ugly man. But you gotta admit, that was hilarious. 😂😂😂

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