“Girls Planet 999” Contestant Nagai Manami Shocked Everyone With Her Rap Skills, Including Woo Won Jae

The entire “We Are” team did so well!

Nagai Manami shocked everyone with her rap skills on the latest episode of Girls Planet 999, including popular rapper Woo Won Jae!

Nagai Manami | Kpop Wiki

In the latest episode of Girls Planet 999, the 54 remaining contestants competed in a combination mission.

The contestants broke away from their cells to compete as groups of 3, 6, and 9. The newly formed groups each performed different songs and focused on a particular aspect of performance, like dancing, singing, or rapping.

Manami ended up in a rap-focused unit with Kim Bora and Wen Zhe, and the trio performed “We Are” by Woo Won Jae.  They were all intimidated by the thought of performing this song and had hoped to perform a different song during the combination mission.

Manami was worried about writing her own lyrics because she’s not fluent in Korean.

Bora helped Manami write her lyrics in Korean, but Manami still wasn’t confident in her rapping skills when the group had their interim check with their mentors Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young and Jang Ju Hee, as well as Woo Won Jae who was appearing as the rap mentor for this episode. She, along with the rest of her team, was even more nervous because they had to perform in front of the rapper who created the song they were covering.

Manami even revealed that she was so nervous that her mind “went blank.”

Thankfully, Manami successfully rapped her lines during the interim check and wowed everyone in the room with her skills!

During the interim check, Tiffany Young told Manami to have more confidence and Woo Won Jae told her that “the lack of confidence is stopping” her from performing her best.

Manami took their advice to heart and transformed into a rap beast for the actual performance! She did so well that Woo Won Jae said “Manami is good” while watching her perform.

After the performance, Manami and her teammates waited anxiously for feedback from the mentors, particularly Woo Won Jae.

Woo Won Jae began his feedback by telling Manami that he wants her to “continue to be a rapper” and complimented the whole team. Manami’s feedback was especially meaningful to her because she wasn’t confident in her rapping skills or Korean skills before taking on the challenge of performing “We Are.”

Looks like the “We Are” team’s hard work paid off!

See the full performance of “We Are” below.






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