Mnet Announces The Name Of “Girls Planet 999″‘s New Girl Group

Here’s what the 9 winners will be known as! What do you think of the name?

Just hours before the final winners of Girls Planet 999 will be decided, Mnet has finally announced the name of the new girl group.

Out of a staggering 13,000 applicants, just 99 contestants from Korea, Japan, and Chinese territories were selected to compete on Girls Planet 999 for the chance to be part of a new global girl group. For the past few months, the battle for the Top 9 has waged on—now, it’s finally almost over. Ahead of the final lineup announcement, the new girl group has also earned its name: Kep1er.

| Mnet

After asking viewers to submit their favorite group name ideas, Mnet selected Kep1er as the final moniker. Pronounced “kepler,” the first syllable of Kep1er rhymes with the first syllable of “capture,” representing that the members captured their dreams. Meanwhile, “1” represents how the members will unite and become the best of the best.

| Mnet

The name may also have been chosen as an homage to famous 17th-century astronomer and astrologer, Johannes Kepler. Kepler was one of the key figures in the Scientific Revolution, known for discovering the laws of planetary motion—connecting to the “planet” theme of Girls Planet 999.

Girls Planet 999 is in the midst of its final episode; check back soon to find out who made it into the official lineup!

Girls Planet 999

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