The Hardships Suffered By The Chinese Contestants On “Girls Planet 999,” According To Eliminated Contestant Ma Yu Ling

Her words have gained attention from netizens.

Since the start of Mnet‘s new show Girls Planet 999, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the show. While fans have loved to watch the contestants from Korea, China, and Japan grow as performers, it has also faced accusations of harsh conditions and “evil editing.” 

Previously, Chinese contestant Liang Qiao shared her experiences of the show, including the living conditions, the use of translators, and much more. Another Chinese contestant whose experiences have recently gained attention from netizens is Ma Yu Ling, who was eliminated in the first round.

Ma Yu Ling’s profile for “Girls Planet 999” | Mnet

A post with information from the live stream explained that Ma Yu Ling thought that despite the happiness she gained from the experience, it was extremely difficult and painful to get through.

A lot of it wasn’t because the work was hard. I think us Chinese kids can get through tough work, it’s just that we don’t like…

— Ma Yu Ling

Although she didn’t say it directly, she made an unbalanced gesture with her hands and said, “If it makes us feel like we didn’t get that deserved thing….yep…

| Weibo

In particular, she also shared some of the emotions and hardships felt by the Chinese contestants and how difficult it was to adapt to certain parts of the show and the experience. Yet, she also added how the friendship between the Chinese contestants helped them get through it all.

There were a few days where we all cried every day when we met up. We cried our eyes out. It got better later on. It was fine after we got used to it.

—Ma Yu Ling

Ma Yu Ling with fellow contestant Zhou Xin Yu | Weibo

During the live stream, Ma Yu Ling talked about an experience with a staff member and explained that although her temper can be both bad and good, she has never lost her temper since debuting.

But I completely lost my temper once during this period. I apologized at the end since we need to be adaptable. If you can apologize to me, I can apologize to you.

—Ma Yu Ling

| Mnet

Despite fans’ concerns after hearing this, Ma Yu Ling then explained that there was still “good staff” and, in particular, spoke about two members who had been very kind to her and the rest of the Chinese contestants.

However, it continues to raise discussions on the treatment of the contestants during the series, especially considering Mnet promised that Girls Planet 999 would ensure good conditions for its contestants. 

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