Korean & International “Girls Planet 999” Viewers Voted For Different Final Members — Here’s How The Rankings Vary

The “Girls Planet 999” finale vote figures released by Mnet show two different rankings.

Girls Planet 999 has finally come to an end, which means new girl group Kep1er has its nine members. But did you know that Korean and international voters had different picks? The final figures released by Mnet show that rankings would’ve differed if all votes were counted equally. Here’s how, along with an explanation of the scores you saw on screen.

While the voting system changed several times over the course of Girls Planet 999, one voting rule remained throughout: the points score for each contestant would be made up of 50% Korean votes and 50% international votes. This means each Korean vote was worth more than each vote from every other country, including Japan and China.

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As such, the final figures viewers saw in the Girls Planet 999 finale episode weren’t actual vote statistics. Instead, these scores were calculated after weighting each vote accordingly depending on where the voter came from.

But the votes themselves haven’t been kept under wraps. In the interest of transparency, Mnet actually revealed the number of votes for each contestant in a notice on the Universe app. And, the most interesting part is that if Korean and international votes were weighted equally, the final lineup for Kep1er would’ve been quite different.

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The nine members who made it through to debut were Kim Chaehyun, Huening Bahiyyih, CLC‘s Choi Yujin, Kim Dayeon, Seo Youngeun, former BustersKang Yeseo, Ezaki Hikaru, Sakamoto Mashiro, and Shen Xiaoting—six Koreans, two Japanese trainees, and one Chinese contestant.

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Here’s how the ranking would’ve been different if every vote was equal, no matter which country the voter came from:

9. Kim Chaehyun

Despite reaching 1st place in the actual finale, Kim Chaehyun is 9th in this ranking with 363,623 votes.

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8. Ezaki Hikaru

If Korean and international votes were equal, Ezaki Hikaru would move from 7th to 8th place with 387,709 votes.

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7. Su Ruiqi

Su Ruiqi ranked 13th based on weighted scores, but according to her 417,715 total votes in the finale round, she’d be 7th in this lineup.

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6. Fu Yaning

Ranking 12th in the finale, Fu Yaning’s total vote count of 419,618 would make her 6th if there was no vote weighting.

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5. Shen Xiaoting

Shen Xiaoting became the 9th-place contestant in the finale. However, her 425,464 votes place her 5th in this ranking.

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4. Choi Yujin

Choi Yujin received 428,967 votes in total, moving her down one spot to 4th place.

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3. Seo Youngeun

5th-place contestant Seo Youngeun would’ve ranked higher if Korean votes weren’t worth more than international votes. She received 442,102 votes, putting her in 3rd place here.

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2. Sakamoto Mashiro

Sakamoto Mashiro received 488,519 votes in the finale. If rankings were determined solely by votes, she would’ve ranked 2nd instead of 8th.

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1. Huening Bahiyyih

Finally, the 1st place winner in this ranking is Huening Bahiyyih, just one place higher than her actual position in the finale. She received 525,465 votes.

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If Korean and international votes were weighted equally, the final lineup would’ve had four Korean members, two Japanese members, and three Chinese members.

Notably, two Kep1er members would not have placed in the Top 9: Kang Yeseo, who was 10th in votes with 320,312,

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and Kim Dayeon, whose 219,125 votes would put her in 13th place.

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Of course, although Kep1er has been billed as a “global girl group” since the show began, they’re expected to primarily promote in South Korea. As such, it makes sense that Korean votes were weighted higher, giving fans the star final lineup revealed this week.

Here are the official finale score and vote tallies for each contestant according to Mnet:

1. Kim Chaehyun received a score of 1,081,182 with 363,623 votes.
2. Huening Bahiyyih received a score of 923,567 with 525,465 votes.
3. Choi Yujin received a score of 915,722 with 428,967 votes.
4. Kim Dayeon received a score of 885,283 with 219,125 votes.
5. Seo Youngeun received a score of 781,657 with 442,102 votes.
6. Kang Yeseo received a score of 770,561 with 320,312 votes.
7. Ezaki Hikaru received a score of 713,322 with 387,709 votes.
8. Sakamoto Mashiro received a score of 708,149 with 488,519
9. Shen Xiaoting received a score of 700,633 with 425,464 votes.
10. Kim Suyeon received a score of 650,790 with 222,026 votes.
11. Guinn Myah received a score of 625,722 with 189,498 votes.
12. Fu Yaning received a score of 560,606 with 419,618 votes.
13. Su Ruiqi received a score of 552,878 with 417,715 votes.
14. Kawaguchi Yurina received a score of 525,051 with 278,775 votes.
15. Kim Bora received a score of 503,773 with 208,375 votes.
16. Nonaka Shana received a score of 342,370 with 147,882 votes.
17. Wen Zhe received a score of 88,673 with 66,149 votes.
18. Huang Xingqiao received a score of 56,000 with 35,054 votes.

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