“Girls Planet 999” Kim Suyeon Will Reportedly Debut In A New Girl Group

She could be back before 2022.

Fans of eliminated contestant Kim Suyeon were devasted to see her leave Girls Planet 999, but she could be debuting very soon!

Kim Suyeon | Mnet

Kim Suyeon is an 18-year-old trainee under MYSTIC Story. During her time on Girls Planet 999, she wow viewers with her performances of K/DA‘s “Pop/Stars,” EXO‘s “The Eve,” Meghan Trainor‘s “No Excuses,” and Team 7 LOVE Minutes’ “U+Me=LOVE.”

She narrowly missed her chance to debut in the 9-member group kep1er, having ranked 10th in the Girls Planet 999 finale with 650,790 points.

| Mnet

Now, according to an exclusive report from OSEN, Kim Suyeon will likely debut in MYSTIC Story’s upcoming girl group, Billie, alongside SiyoonTsukiSoohyunHaramSua, and Haruna.

Billie’s current six members (formerly MYSTIC Rookies.)

As of now, MYSTIC Story has not confirmed Kim Suyeon’s rumored debut, but the group is expected to debut before the end of 2021.

For now, check out Billie’s collaboration performance with 1Million Dance Studio below:

Source: OSEN

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