“Girls Planet 999” Kim Suyeon Reportedly To Join Girl Group Billie As Their New Member…A Week After They Released Their MV

She ranked 10th on the show.

It has been announced that a contestant previously on Girls Planet 999, Kim Suyeon, will be making her debut as part of Mystic Entertainment‘s girl group, Billie.

It has not been too long since Billie made their official debut with the track “RING X RING” on November 10, 2021.

According to a representative of the music industry, she will be joining Billie as the final member and will begin promotions with them as soon as the last week of November. Kim Suyeon made it to a high ranking of 10th place on Girls Planet 999, just barely missing out on debuting through Kep1er.

Although there were already rumors of her joining a group under Mystic Entertainment since October 2021, fans are naturally surprised at the sudden addition given that the other members of Billie have already released a music video without her.

| theqoo
  • “Huh?”
  • “Huh??”
  • “So she wasn’t even able to be in the music video?”
  • “How fascinating… I thought she would join from the next promotions on.”
  • “Then she should’ve just debuted with them from the start.”
  • “??? What’s up with how they do their work?”

Mystic Entertainment has not yet replied with a statement.

Source: Chosun