The Givers’ Ahn Sung Il Gets Exposed For Having Lied About His Resume

He is one of the key players in FIFTY FIFTY’s legal dispute with their company.

It was recently revealed that The GiversAhn Sung Il may have lied about his resume. On his official profile pages across portal sites, his alma mater is stated as the business department of Joongang University.

Joongang University is known as a highly prestigious college in South Korea. An investigation by TV Daily revealed that the was not on the list of graduates from the school’s business department. Ahn Sung Il has been consistently using his birth name throughout his career and personal life.

Despite this, TV Daily could not locate him on the school’s Intranet anywhere. Ahn Sung Il’s career has indeed been highly decorated. According to his profile, he covered many roles. From the operational division CEO of Star Crew Entertainment, to the general director of Blossom Entertainment’s subsidiaries, Blossom Pictures and Blossom Story, he is also the producing director of Warner Brothers’ Korea, and their sub label, Batamin Entertainment.

This part of his resume may be forged as well. TV Daily contacted Blossom Entertainment about Ahn Sung Il’s career there. Blossom Entertainment acknowledged that “although Ahn Sung Il worked in our related subsidiaries, it was 10 years ago and we need to reconfirm.” Warner Music Korea also gave a similar answer.

His most recent resume entry was checked upon by TV Daily once more. According to his official profile, he worked at Beyond Music from January 2020 to April 2023, as the CEO of its copyrights department. Despite this, Beyond Music has denied this. Their statement, “Ahn Sung Il’s resume where his experience at Beyond Music lasted for 3 years and 4 months is false. It is true that he worked from January 2021 to May 2023 as an external contractor, we terminated his contract and paid him for the 8 months, as he showed no achievements.

Ahn Sung Il is one of the key players involved in ATTRAKT’s legal dispute with FIFTY FIFTY. He was their main producer, and was labeled as the instigator behind the lawsuit.

Source: TV Daily