“The Glory” Actor Jung Sung Il Shares The Story Of An Unexpected Fan Encounter, Featuring His 7-Year-Old Son

He’s definitely as dedicated a family man as his character on the show/

Netflix’s most recent record-breaking K-Drama, The Glory, has created some serious impact worldwide. People are discussing everything about it- from its plot to social commentary to its stellar cast. Actor Jung Sung Il, who played the role of Ha Do Yeong in the series, has especially grabbed viewers’ attention, not only thanks to his acting chops but his crazy charisma and hotness quotient.

Jung Sung Il in “The Glory” | Netflix

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Jung’s fan following has increased exponentially since The Glory. In a recent interview with DAZED Korea, the actor got candid about an unexpected fan interaction that made him the “happiest.”

Jung touched upon how he feels that luck played a significant role in his newfound fame. Though he acknowledged his persistent hard work as a performer and stage actor, he believes that this new phase of his career was brought in by his good fortune.

I think there’s a lot of luck playing into how I got here. Yes, I’ve acted in theatrical performances for a while and I’ve worked hard every second of the way. But the opportunity came to me because I got lucky.

—Jung Sung Il

Talking about his post-The Glory life, Jung admitted that he is very pleased with everything right now, but his family’s happiness matters to him the most. He then shared a memorable account with his fans, which also involved his son. Recently, his 7-year-old son asked him what an ‘autograph’ is because his teachers asked him to bring them his father’s autograph! Jung said the incident made him happy because he was able to do something special for his kid.

One day, my seven-year-old son came home from kindergarten and asked me what an ‘autograph’ was because his teachers asked him to bring them my autograph. I was glad that I could do something special for my young boy who doesn’t even know what autographs are.

—Jung Sung Il

This encounter only proves how much of a household name Jung Sung Il has become, and deservingly so. But the actor is careful not to let the success get into his head. Jung shared that he is getting abundant opportunities as an actor after The Glory, but he wants to tread carefully for his next steps and take things slow.

I received a lot of offers [post The Glory] but I’m taking my time to think over the choices. I know that these next steps that I take are important to not just me, but to those who work with me. I’m constantly talking to my management company about these things. We agree that it’s okay to take things slow as long as we make choices that make me better as an actor.

—Jung Sung Il

Given the hold he has over K-Drama fans with his irresistible aura and acting skills, it’s safe to say that the world will wait for its favorite “hot ahjussi” no matter how long his comeback project takes.

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