“The Glory” Actor Lee Do Hyun Explains The Story Behind His Viral Face-Heart Pose Moment

He shared what he almost did with the bag instead.

In an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, actor Lee Do Hyun from Netflix’s The Glory revealed new information about himself and his career.

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The actor had his big break as Joo Yeo Jeong in The Glory as the love interest of Moon Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo. Already in the spotlight, he made headlines on April 1 with the news that he was in a romantic relationship with actress Lim Ji Yeon, who played the villain in The Glory.

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During the interview, he was asked how he plans to spend his birthday (as the video was most likely filmed before his birthday), and Lee Do Hyun shared that he usually visits his family to spend time with them.

Lee Dong Hyun’s birthday from 2022 | @ldh_sky/Instagram

This year, however, he said he doesn’t have any big plans; he stated he has to work on his birthday, so he plans to spend time with his family after work.

Lee Do Hyun’s family portrait | tvN

He was also asked the question: “Which role in ‘The Glory’ would you like to try acting?” The actor responded that he wanted to play two of the villains.

Myeong Oh or Jae Jun. They yell a lot and that side is in me too so I want to express that. If you look at the productions I’ve done so far, I played characters that are always looking at someone from far away like a shadow, waiting for them affectionately, and not exposing themselves, so I want to try acting in those different roles.

— Lee Do Hyun

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Lee Do Hyun was also asked if he knew about the viral clip of him doing a double face-heart pose in front of reporters. At an event for Valentino, Lee Do Hyun was asked to do a face-heart pose with two hands, but because he was holding a bag, the flustered actor held the bag between his arms and made hearts on both cheeks.

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This moment went viral because of how adorable he was.

In the ESQUIRE Korea interview, Lee Do Hyun explained what really happened here—and what he almost did instead.

Staff members asked me if I did that intentionally or if it just happened instinctively, and I said I did it instinctively because the bag was in my hands so I thought I’ll hold it. Originally, I didn’t know what to do so I was going to hold it in between my teeth, but the bag was not mine so I held it. That’s how the pose came to be.

— Lee Do Hyun

Thanks to his quick thinking of not putting the bag in his mouth and holding it adorably between his arms instead, we are left with this adorable face-heart pose featuring his bag!

Watch the full ESQUIRE Korea interview here.

Source: ESQUIRE Korea

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