“The Glory” Actor Lee Do Hyun Is Going Viral After His Unexpected Response To A Reporter’s Request

He went from confused af to making the media LOL!

Actor Lee Do Hyun has always been a rising star in the K-Drama industry, but his recent project has seen his fame rise, but he still never fails to shock fans with his hilarious and charming personality.

Actor Lee Do Hyun | @ldh_sky/Instagram

Over the years, Lee Do Hyun has charmed viewers in many other shows, including Hotel del Luna, 18 Again, and Youth of May.

Lee Do Hyun alongside IU in “Hotel del Luna”
Lee Do Hyun In “Youth Of May”


Of course, Lee Do Hyun has recently taken the world by storm after he played the part of Joo Yeo Jeong in the hit K-Drama The Glory.

Lee Do Hyun in “The Glory” | Netflix

During the show, he captured the hearts of viewers with his charming character, who falls in love with Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and is willing to do anything to help her achieve the revenge she’s always wanted.



Of course, after the show’s success, it’s not surprising that he’s become a hot topic and wherever he goes, he garners attention, unlike anything he’s felt before.

On March 15 (KST), Lee Do Hyun attended Korea’s “Unboxing Valentino” presentation event. As expected, the actor wowed with his proportions and unreal visuals…

Lee Do Hyun at the Valentino event

Aside from his charming visuals, one moment on the red carpet is going viral amongst both Korean and international netizens. Walking onto the red carpet in front of the media, the cameras were flashing for the actor…

At one point, Lee Do Hyun was throwing out finger hearts but seemed very thrown off as he heard a request from the media. His face suddenly changed from very happy to extremely confused within a matter of seconds…

It seems like the media wanted Lee Do Hyun to do a face heart to show off his cuteness but as he was holding a bag, it wasn’t surprising that the actor seemed unsure how to go about it.

Lee Do Hyun then shocked fans and netizens with his solution to the problem. Rather than putting what was probably a very expensive bag down on the floor, he put it under his arms and continued to do the heart while holding the bag.

Sounds of laughter from the press could be heard as he made sure to show off his pose to everyone.

When the clip was posted on social media, it instantly garnered hundreds of thousands of views, with netizens praising the actor’s charming personality.

As always, even though Lee Do Hyun has seen his fame increase, he is still humble and adorable when interacting with others at events.

Source: Newsen

The Glory

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