“The Glory” Actors Lim Ji Yeon And Jung Sung Il Show Support For Kim Hieora But Netizens Are On The Fence

They liked her apology post.

Actress Kim Hieora has been embroiled in bully allegations since early September. With the end of her drama Uncanny Counter 2, Dispatch published accusations made by her alleged victims. Two sides butt heads as more victims continue to step up, while Kim Hieora firmly denies being an active bully.

After her Instagram clarification post on September 7, 2023, fans realized that her co-stars, Jung Sung Il and Lim Ji Yeon had both liked the post. This was reported in multiple Korean media outlets.

Jung Sung Il and Lim Ji Yeon in The Glory.

When netizens read the news, they were divided. On one hand, it is reasonable to express support for people you know. The villains in The Glory have also expressed their close friendship in multiple occasions, meeting up after the show ended. On the other, some are also disappointed in the stars.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Social media can be both a needed marketing tool, as well as an evil for celebrities. As Director Ferguson famously said, “social media is a waste of your life.”
  • Stop the witch-hunt. How would fellow acting colleagues know about this?
  • Will they die if they don’t like it?
  • But it’s also not a good look for you guys to be leaving malicious comments just because they liked it.
  • No, but they’re not idol group members or anything and the drama ended a long time ago, so why would they?
  • Will something happen if they don’t like it?
  • People could be hugely disappointed if famous people like it using their official accounts, not even a private account. They can always show their support privately.
  • Don’t make such things obvious. It’s true that celebrities pressing like on something can be recognized as a show of support. They could always just drop her a message personally.

As Kim Hieora’s case has not yet ended, many feel that it is important to continue to watch over the matter and remain on the fence.

Source: Theqoo

The Glory

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