“The Glory” Kim Hieora Personally Addresses Past Bullying Controversy Through A Heartfelt Instagram Post

She made a request of the public.

Actress Kim Hieora has been on the rise recently after a successful stint on The Glory.

After her amazing performance on the show, she moved on to film Uncanny Counter 2. As the show aired its finale, Dispatch suddenly put forth allegations of her school violence and bullying past. According to the report, she was involved in a school gang that extorted money and bullied other students. Her agency has since denied all accusations.

Dispatch Reveals Allegations Of “Uncanny Counter 2” And “The Glory” Star Kim Hieora’s School Violence And Bullying Past

Kim Hieora has since personally addressed the allegations through her Instagram.

I’m sorry for worrying everyone today. Just as I made my appeal with a sincere heart, I will undertake all matters sincerely and calmly. Once again, I apologize to those who have supported and trusted me. Even in this moment, I sincerely apologize to those that were hurt because of me. As I know that many people are believing in me, I will move forth without a single lie. I hope you will watch over me.

— Kim Hieora

Previously, her agency denied that she was a bully, although they admitted to her being a part of the gang. They claimed that the gang was not one which was involved in bullying matters, but just a group of friends. They also vowed to actively release more information in the future regarding the allegations. As such, Kim Hieora has requested that the public continue to watch over her and monitor the outcome.