“The Glory” Actress Cha Joo Young Has The Cutest Relationship With An Unexpected Group Of Friends

She can’t help but tear up just thinking about them.

In an episode of MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere, actress Cha Joo Young from Netflix‘s The Glory revealed new sides of her—including her unexpected group of friends.

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After The Glory‘s success, the public learned more about Cha Joo Young, who plays a perpetrator named Choi Hye Jeong in the K-Drama. Although her role in the show is selfish and materialistic, the actress who played her is the opposite. She is classy, kind, and adorable—she once even gained attention for bringing her cute stuffed animal to a radio show as her comfort item.

In Point of Omniscient Interfere, she revealed an unexpected but adorable relationship with a group of friends who had supported her before she became famous: Buddhist monks.

Cha Joo Young shared that she has been visiting the Jingwansa Temple for a long time, even though she isn’t Buddhist. She and the monks have kept in touch regularly for years, always remembering to send birthday and holiday greetings.


The monks prepared a healthy Korean meal for Cha Joo Young, and they talked about how the actress started visiting them. When Cha Joo Young was filming the movie Chimera with actor Lee Hee Joon, she was going through a hard time personally. Lee Hee Joon noticed she was struggling and recommended she tried a temple stay and introduced her to the Jingwangsa Temple.


The monks have been there for Cha Joo Young since then, and a monk shared that the actress used to cry, asking:

Why are you so nice to me?

Another monk shared that they always told her:

We’re always here for you, so don’t worry.

Remembering this, Cha Joo Young started to tear up.

Ever since then, Cha Joo Young and other fellow actors, such as Park Hae Soo from Squid Game, have visited the temple together.

Because of Cha Joo Young’s massive success in The Glory, the monks shared that they wanted to download Netflix for the first time—and when they watched the show, they couldn’t recognize Cha Joo Young because of how different her character was from the actress.

It is clear to see how much the monks love and support the actress. As she said goodbye, the monks even gave her a bracelet symbolizing 1000 days they prayed for her.


Netizens expressed how charming Cha Joo Young is and how special her relationship with the monks is.

  • “It’s so fascinating… In “The Glory,” she was so shallow, but here’s she’s so gorgeous… You’re so cool, Hye Jeong…”
  • “Why am I crying seeing the monks pack food for her and give her the braceletㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “In interviews, she seemed very quiet and stern but seeing her here, she’s so lively lol”
  • “‘We’re always here for you so don’t worry’ I think these words were a huge strength to Cha Joo Young… ‘Don’t worry’ might seem easy to say, but it’s hard to say…”
  • “I think the monks really show us what giving generously means.. without expecting anything back in return… I can really feel their genuine desire for her to be happy and do well… ㅠㅠ”
  • “‘We’re here for you when you’re struggling’ This one sentence makes me lay everything down.. ㅠㅠㅠ”

Cha Joo Young shared that it was the first time she felt unconditional love and said that apart from religion, the monks are like her unnies, or older sisters, who support her no matter what and who have helped her through hard times.



Source: MBC/YouTube
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