Another “The Glory” Actress Confirms Relationship: Oh Ji Yul Spills About Her “Really Cool” Boyfriend

The talented young actress adorably reveals how her relationship began.

After The Glory actors, Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun were revealed by Dispatch to be in a relationship, which both parties confirmed in separate statements, another actress has stepped forward to reveal her own relationship, and it’s none other than adorable child actress Oh Ji Yul!

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Oh Ji Yul’s TV mom, the main antagonist in The Glory, was recently confirmed to be dating her on-screen “enemy,” portrayed by Lee Do Hyun, who aided in pursuing the main character’s revenge.

The two were spotted on multiple dates, from making snowmen together at Lee Do Hyun’s apartment to visiting the Yongin Nature Recreation Forest; their sweet dates were opposite to their The Glory characters’ on-screen interactions.

Shortly after both actors’ agencies confirmed the relationship, Lim Ji Yeon’s on-screen daughter’s interview was released, in which she cutely revealed she also has a boyfriend.

Oh Ji Yul as Ha Ye Sol in “The Glory.”

Oh Ji Yul couldn’t help but praise her boyfriend, who she adorably admitted she’d had a crush on since first grade.

We go to the same after-school academy. And I had a crush on him since I was in 1st grade. So I kept my eyes on him for a while. We live in the same apartment complex, so I kept running into him. Like on my way home… After the academy, we would walk home together.

— Oh Ji Yul

Oh Ji Yul showed her impressive confidence when she shared that she revealed her feelings to her boyfriend first.

We were close friends at first. Then, one day, I mustered up the courage to ask him if he liked me. He said yes! So we liked each other but weren’t telling each other about it. That’s how he became my boyfriend.

— Oh Ji Yul

Not only does she think her boyfriend is “good-looking,” but she became a proud girlfriend when she spilled on his hard work toward earning his red and black belt in taekwondo.

I like his personality. He’s really cool. And he’s good-looking. He’s also good at sports. He takes taekwondo lessons, and he’s working on getting his black and red belt. He’ll get it soon.

— Oh Ji Yul

Netizens couldn’t get over how adorable her sudden confession was as they wished the talented young actress happiness in her new relationship.

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