“The Glory” Actress Is Going Viral For Her Unbelievable Transformation In Her Latest Photoshoot

The actress also reveals how she was cast in The Glory.

The Glory actress Kim Hieora is going viral for her latest photoshoot in which the actress revealed her recent transformation.

Kim Hieora | @hiiiii_o.o_ps/Instagram

On February 21, the magazine Allure Korea revealed a photoshoot with the actress who is best known for playing the role of Lee Sara on The Glory, 

The title of the photoshoot is “HERE I AM,” and it shows the actress with noticeably shorter hair. Kim Hieora’s gift for expressions is put on full display, and her signature gaze levies the shoot with gravitas.

During the interview portion, the actress also revealed how she was cast.

I wasn’t familiar (with the role) during the audition, and I just did my best. The second time they called me, I was able to show the (casting directors) drawings that I drew as a hobby, and I left. That day I received a parcel with the drama’s script in it. I was so happy. I cried so much.

— Kim Hieora

The actress also revealed that encouragement from the drama’s director, Ahn Gil Ho, and star-writer Kim Eun Sook had helped her gain confidence to flourish in the role.

After I was cast, the writer (Kim Eun Sook) told me that I had the eyes of Sara, that she had imagined (while writing the script). The director also told me to ‘Just be yourself. You just have to do whatever you’d like,’ and entrusted me with the role, which answered a lot of the questions I had. Thanks to them, I was able to effortlessly and joyfully become Sara. I think I am a lucky actor.

— Kim Hieora

Lastly, Kim Hieora finished the interview by stating which genres she’d like to act in next.

I would like to try (acting in) a periodic drama and would like to try my hand in (acting out) a very Korean role. I want to enjoy myself, as I am, a little longer. I want to try various (roles) afforded to me because I am a supporting actor. I want to greet audiences through great projects for a long time.

— Kim Hieora

Kim Hieora is certainly one of Korea’s fastest-rising actors. Before The Glory, the actor had also gone viral through her appearance on Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Kim Hieora Goes Viral Overnight Due To Her Incredible Acting

The actress will return to audiences in March through the second season of The Glory. You can watch the season’s trailer in the link below.

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