“The Glory” Actress Shin Ye Eun Share How Her Role As Yeon Jin Affected Her Real Life

The aftermath was pretty different from what she expected.

Shin Ye Eun is enjoying a new peak in her acting career after her stellar performance in The Glory. She played the teenage version of Yeon Jin on the show, freaking audiences out with how well she depicted the character’s coldness.

Shin Ye Eun as Park Yeon Jin in “The Glory” | Netflix

When the show’s first season was released, K-Drama fans were left stunned by Shin’s acting chops. There she was, playing the unnerving character of a cold-blooded bully, and it wasn’t too long ago that she also played the role of a victim of bullying in another drama, Revenge of Others. It was only a matter of time before the overarching range of this 25-year-old’s acting skills got recognized.

But according to the actress, the outcome of her performance in The Glory was drastically different from what she had expected. Shin recently appeared on an SBS show called My Little Old Boy, where she shared how her audience had responded to the Netflix chart-topper. She re-enacted a famous scene from the show, where Yeon Jin menacingly smiles at Dong Eun, telling her she missed her to death, and then proceeds to hurt her with a hot iron.

The guests on the show were left spellbound, seeing how well she emulated the character’s coldness. Then Seo Jang Hoon asked her if she, too, gets messages about the infamous hair-curler scene like Lim Ji Yeon, who played the grownup version of Yeon Jin. Shin replied that before the release of The Glory, her agency had told her she would gain droves of new followers because of her performance. But in reality, the show only made her existing followers turn away.

She joked, “Many people told me they don’t wanna see me smile, and they don’t want to see my face.” Shin Dong Yup then remarked that this reaction was the original sign of success for her because it proves how convincing she was in her role as a villain.

His observation couldn’t be more true, given how the industry and fans are eagerly waiting for Shin Ye Eun’s next projects. Right after The Glory, she joined the cast of a historical K-Drama, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, which premiered on March 20 on SBS.

Shin Ye Eun in her new drama | SBS

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