“The Glory” Actor Park Sung Hoon Fanboys Over A Co-Star’s Physique — In His Shocking “Fight For My Way” Appearance Alongside Park Seo Joon

Aside from the huge transformation, did you notice his role in the hit 2017 K-Drama?

The cast of The Glory has become stars in a mere number of months after the success of the show worldwide.

Song Hye Kyo on “The Glory” poster | Netflix

Two of the hottest bad boys in the show are Jeon Jae Jun (Park Sung Hoon) and Son Meyong Oh (Kim Gun Woo).

Despite their evil characters, there is no denying that both of them are extremely good-looking and have caught the attention of fans worldwide.

Park Sung Hoon as Jeon Jun Jae | Netflix
Kim Gun Woo as Son Myeong Oh | Netflix

Park Sung Hoon recently made a huge announcement about Kim Gun Woo after gushing about his body.

Recently, the cast of The Glory cast sat down with W Korea and during the video, Kim Gun Woo started speaking about one of his past roles and featured a very detailed and buff picture…

And Park Sung Hoon shockingly went on to praise the actor’s physique… when he was in the K-Drama Fight For My Way.

When it was released, Fight For My Way was one of the hottest K-Dramas around. Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, the drama follows a former taekwondo champion and shop assistant who struggle to follow their dreams as life throws obstacles in their path.

Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won in “Fight For My Way” | KBS2

While Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won starred alongside a huge cast and provided some hilarious moments for fans…


Many netizens will be shocked that Kim Gun Woo was also in the show. During the interview with the cast, Park Sung Hoon couldn’t stop gushing about his co-star’s body in the K-Drama, adding that he only came out in small shorts.

Although Kim Gun Woo is fairly unknown, many netizens will be shocked after realizing that the actor had a role in Fight For My Way… as Park Seo Joon’s nemesis Kim Tak Su.

Kim Gun Woo as Kim Tak Su in “Fight For My Way” | KBS2

Unsurprisingly, the actor looks unrecognizable with bleach blonde hair and, although just as much of a “baddy,” doesn’t have the same impact as Myeong Oh with the tattoos and skinny frame.

| KBS2

Despite the contrasting visuals, Park Sung Hoon was right about the star’s tremendous physique during the show. During one episode, Kim Gun Woo was fighting Park Seo Joon, and like all of those in MMA (mixed martial arts), neither was wearing a shirt.

Compared to Myeong Oh’s skinnier and more menacing frame, Tak Su was extremely muscular and seemed unrecognizable.



Although both his role in Fight For My Way and The Glory wasn’t huge, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kim Gun Woo starts to make serious waves in K-Dramas. Hopefully, Park Sung Hoon will join him after making everyone aware of his co-star’s past.

You can read more about actor Kim Gun Woo below.

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Source: W Korea and Wikitree

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