Netizens Make Predictions About A Potential Romance Pairing Between Do Young And Dong Eun In “The Glory”

Which couple are you rooting for?

K-Drama The Glory is at the top of the Netflix charts at the moment. An emotional, gripping tale about how a severely bullied high school girl grows up with revenge in mind; the main character, Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo), becomes the homeroom teacher of her bully’s daughter.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Although she has the handsome plastic surgeon Yeo Jeong (played by Lee Do Hyun) on her side…

Lee Do Hyun as Yeo Jeong. | Netflix

…she approaches Do Young, the husband of her bully, Yeon Jin. Getting close to him on purpose through the game of Go, she soon reveals her secret to him. This is where season one ends. As viewers anticipate season two, they discuss the possibility of a romance between Do Young and Dong Eun. Technically speaking, Lee Do Hyun was set up as the male lead, and naturally, his character would be the one to end up with Dong Eun. But the chemistry between Do Young and Dong Eun is palpable.

An online poll about the possibility of Do Young having romantic feelings for Dong Eun was conducted. The result?

92% believed that he had feelings for her, while 1% voted against. 6% are unsure. Netizens determined that it was undeniable due to his gaze.

| theqoo
  • “Seeing how the actor acts, the character’s eyes and body just follow that person, and he is wide open to her. Looking at the body language, it’s 100% for sure, even if the character doesn’t realize it.”
  • “Look at his gaze. It’s impossible that there isn’t.”
  • “It’s so obvious LOL.”
  • “Of course.”
  • “His gaze is too romantic.”

From the original synopsis of the character, romance is also possible in the books for season two.

Do Young’s life has always been clear like the board of Go. My soldiers and the enemies. My family and other people’s families. Yes, or no. His world was so black and white that nothing blurry could enter. But someday, he began to be curious about this woman, who is blurry like a fog. He begins to chase her, like how the sunflower chases the sun. Do Young knows. In life and in the game, black always has the upper hand over white. He’s always held the black stones, but now, he’s holding the white.

— Do Young’s Synopsis

Whichever pairing you’re rooting for, we’re sure that season two will be even more epic than the first.

Source: theqoo

The Glory

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