“The Glory” Director Is Hit With School Bullying Allegations

“I can’t forgive him for having the audacity to direct a drama dealing with school bullying like The Glory.”

Just hours before the premiere of the long-awaited second season of Netflix‘s The Glory, the drama’s director has been hit with bullying allegations.

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On March 10, news outlets reported that Ahn Gil Ho (also known as Gil Ho An), who directed the drama The Glory, has been accused of once being a school bully himself.

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According to reports, recently, a netizen alleged that the producer was a school bully. News outlet Dailian interviewed the netizen, who stated that they felt conflicted about Ahn Gil Ho making a drama about school bullying when he was a bully himself.

I found out that he was (the director of the drama) through a group chatroom with my former classmates from the Philippines. I don’t want to make an issue out of the fact that (Ahn Gil Ho) is doing well for himself. However, I can’t forgive him for having the audacity to direct a drama dealing with school bullying like The Glory.

— Netizen

The netizen alleged that Ahn Gil Ho had bullied them while they were in Middle School in 1996. According to the netizen, they were a Middle Schooler while Ahn Gil Ho was a High School senior at a local High School in the Philippines.

The netizen alleged that, at the time, the director was dating a Middle Schooler. The netizen stated that they and their friends teased the director’s then-girlfriend. The netizen then alleged that the director then ordered they and their friends to be brought to him, and once they arrived, they were assaulted by Ahn Gil Ho.

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According to the netizen, they were assaulted by the director and about ten of his friends.

At the time, I was too scared to count, but there were about ten people, including Director Ahn. We were then assaulted, and while interrogating us, when we didn’t answer him, he threatened to stab us with a knife. We were assaulted for about two hours.

— Netizen

The netizen stated that it wasn’t easy for them to come forward, stating they were afraid of the retribution.

There were many instances of controversies regarding celebrities who were alleged to be bullies, in which case the victims had to endure additional abuse. Because I don’t live in Korea, I wasn’t worried about myself, but I was afraid for my friends in Korea. My friends, however, encouraged me, and so I made the decision (to come forward).

— Netizen

The netizen then stated the lasting ramifications of the assault. According to the netizen, ever since he was assaulted, seniors or sunbaes at his school started abusing their junior classmates.

After first assaulting us, Director Ahn ordered that our school’s sunbaes assault my classmates. Before that, we were all close because we grew up together. However, after the incident, we were hit for not showing respect or for not bowing to our sunbaes properly.

— Netizen

Lastly, the netizen, who lives in America, told Dailian that he is ready to respond with legal action if necessary.

If Director Ahn denies it, I will provide you with the testimonies of my friends who were assaulted alongside me. If he denies and takes legal action, I also will actively respond. He is shameless.

— Netizen

According to the report, The Glory’s production team has been notified of the allegations and has stated that they are investigating the accusations. Ahn Gil Ho reportedly has not responded to requests for comments regarding the allegation.


Source: Dailian
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