“The Glory” Actresses Song Hye Kyo And Lim Ji Yeon Both Wore White Dresses At The 2023 “Baeksang Awards” But In Different Ways

Here’s what the public had to say.

The 2023 Baeksang Awards took place on April 28, 2023. Many stars graced the occasion hoping to score a prize. As with every red carpet event, all eyes were on the stars for their outfits.

Both female leads in The Glory wore white dresses, emphasizing their angelic beauty. Lim Ji Yeon wore a bell-line confection.

The corset detail was tied together by a minuscule ribbon at the waist.

The moderately low neckline added a touch of feminity. She paired the look with red-soled heels.

Song Hye Kyo went with something more flowy, choosing a sleeved dress with ruffles.

The look screamed simple elegance.

She looked like a goddess.

Netizens were blown away by the two. For Lim Ji Yeon, they couldn’t hold back the Yeon Jin jokes.

Netizens comment on Lim Ji Yeon’s dress. | theqoo
  • Yeon Jin-ah, let’s get an award.
  • Bravo, Yeon Jin-ah.
  • So pretty.
  • Wow, f*cking gorgeous.
  • Yeon Jin, you’re pretty.
  • Why does she look so much like Yeon Jin?

Looks like it’ll be a character she has to carry for the rest of her life. Netizens were so in awe at Song Hye Kyo’s beauty that they were rendered speechless.

Netizens comment on Song Hye Kyo’s dress. | theqoo
  • Legendary.
  • F*cking pretty.
  • She’s pretty but her vibes are even more beautiful.
  • Wow…unnie…
  • Crazy, so pretty.

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