“The Glory” Villain Shares The Funniest Behind-The-Scenes Episode of Almost Getting Kicked Off Set

Just a tad bit sus…

Netflix‘s original K-Drama The Glory has been, since its premiere in December 2022, a phenomenal hit for viewers worldwide. For actor Ryu Sung Hyun, though, the offer to play the character of Lee Seok Jae—the abusive husband of character Kang Hyun Nam—came as somewhat of a surprise and a challenge.

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In a recent episode of YouTube‘s TAEKandJOON channel, Ryu caught the interviewer and subscribers off guard, admitting that while he might have the “look of a total alcoholic,” he “can’t drink at all.” Nonetheless, he poured his heart and soul into the role and made it more than believable—enough that he was voted one of the “Real Villains of The Glory.”

Actor Ryu Sung Hyun (right) as character Lee Seok Jae on “The Glory” | Netflix 


Ryu then revealed that on the first day on set for him, he almost got kicked off…

One of many scenes from “The Glory” in which Ryu is being abusive. | TAEKandJOON/YouTube via Netflix

On the first day of the shoot, I showed up on set… It was a scene of me getting violent with my wife. So I wasn’t in makeup. I didn’t need to do my hair or anything. I’m not wearing anything fancy. I literally showed up as myself. And while I was on standby, I walked around the neighborhood, practicing my lines. That’s when one of the production team staff warned the director, like, ‘Should we ask him to leave?’ And when the director asked why, they said, ‘Because he looks a bit drunk… What if he causes a ruckus for us while we shoot? We should get him away from the set.’ I must have made them uncomfortable, I guess.

— Ryu Sung Hyun

…because someone on the production team had mistaken him for a random drunk man from the neighborhood!

When the director announced that it was to shoot my scene, I walked on to the set. That’s when the staff panicked and shouted, ‘Grab that man! Get him off the set!’ The director said that it was at that moment when he became completely confident that he made the best choice casting me for the character.

— Ryu Sung Hyun

Following the YouTube episode, K-Drama fans expressed utter shock and awe at how convincing Ryu’s acting had been, despite the fact he does not drink at all.

Ryu’s off-screen personality. | @ryu44po/Instagram
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  • “The most perfect casting, LOL. He legit walked out of the script for this role.”
  • “This is hilarious but I’m terrified of this man that I can’t laugh. Hahaha! His acting was out of this world, for sure.”
  • “LOLOLOL.”
  • “Looks PERPETUALLY DRUNK. Hahaha.”
  • “I mean… I’d believe it if he said he’s doing the interview drunk. LMAO.”
  • “He is SERIOUSLY the best fit for the role. Haha.”
  • “Hahahaha! He was born for this role.”
  • “TBH, had The Glory aired on television, I feel like supermarkets would’ve banned him from purchasing alcohol. HAHA.”
  • “LOOOOL.”

Thanks to Ryu’s impeccable portrayal of Lee Seok Jae in all episodes, The Glory remains a viewer favorite on Netflix—continuing to set records for itself. In all humorousness, Ryu reassured the viewers that he has, indeed, “never hit anyone in [his] life.”

I have never hit anyone in my life. Ever.

— Ryu Sung Hyun

Watch the full interview here.

Source: theqoo

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