Singer G.NA Confesses That She Wanted To “Give Up On Life” In New Instagram Post

Her mom was the one who got her through it all.

Fans believe that G.NA‘s newest Instagram post may be shedding light on her past struggles.

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The singer recently uploaded a very touching Instagram post celebrating her mother for Mother’s Day. She shared a series of photos highlighting her mother’s past wedding day, as well as some of their current pictures together.

The world’s most beautiful mother. I love you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

— @missginachoi87/Instagram

The second photo, however, revealed a very personal letter penned towards G.NA’s mother. The singer shared some strong statements that thanked her mother for being there for her during her hardest times. In the letter, G.NA refers to a time when she wanted to “give up on me, on life and everything in between” but she thanked her mother for always [holding] me together. You gave me a purpose to hold on longer.”

| @missginachoi87/Instagram

G.NA was previously embroiled in a prostitution scandal back in 2016 that ultimately halted her K-Pop career. She was accused of offering sexual favors in exchange for ₩35.0 million KRW (about $31,500 USD) with an unidentified businessman. While G.NA admitted that she received the money and that she had met up with the businessman, she shared that it was not a prostitution deal nor did she exchange sexual favors for the money. The singer revealed that she was scammed by someone she believed was a “friend” and gladly accepted the money without realizing the motive behind it. Following her scandal, her contract with Cube Entertainment came to an end and the singer has remained on an indefinite hiatus since.

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While nothing has been proven true or false, fans began to speculate that the singer’s letter was referring to her previous scandal and the hardships that followed throughout the duration of the heightened controversy.

G.NA and her mom | @missginachoi87/Instagram

G.NA previously made a huge splash onto the K-Pop scene for her unique vocal talent and insanely beautiful body proportions. She made a name for herself with her top hits, such as “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better”, “Supa Solo” and “Black & White.” She quickly went on to become one of K-Pop’s biggest solo artists at the time of her promotional activities, impressing the public with her abilities.

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