“Reply 1994” Go Ara Flexed Big Time For Co-Star Jung Woo To Show Support For His New Movie

Their last drama together was in 2013.

Does anyone still remember Reply 1994? The drama was the second in the iconic Reply series, where themes from South Korea in the past unfolded in the form of a mystery hunt for the female lead’s husband. Reply 1994 starred Go Ara and Jung Woo as Na Jung and Sseuregi, who are childhood best friends. They were so close that everyone treated them as siblings. One day, Na Jung realizes her feelings for her oppa. But will he feel the same?

Na Jung and Sseuregi in Reply 1994. | tvN

Reply 1994 was launched in 2013. A whole 9 years later in 2022, fans were delighted to see that the two leads are still close as ever. Go Ara posted an Instagram post to congratulate Jung Woo on his new movie, Hot Blooded. That was not all. She showed off the huge flex she made for him.

#JungWoo oppa hwaiting  #HotBlooded, showing now. I watched it twice. It’s cold so layer up. #MyLoveAndSupportForJungWooOppaAsMovieTicketsGift

— Go Ara

Go Ara had bought out an entire theater of tickets. She clutched a receipt in one hand to show off her “gift.”

Go Ara with her receipt. | @ara_go_0211/Instagram

According to the receipt, she bought out a total of 236 seats for the 7:30 am show dated April 1, 2022.

Go Ara’s receipt. | @ara_go_0211/Instagram

Depending on the theater, she would have spent a minimum of ₩7,000 KRW (about $5.74 USD) per ticket, which would be ₩1.65 million KRW (about $1,350 USD) in total. Koreans were in awe of her huge gift to Jung Woo.

Koreans praising Go Ara. | theqoo
  • “Wow, so cool.”
  • “Wow, she’s so cool.”
  • “Wow, so cool.”
  • “Flex.”
  • “Wow *shivers* she’s f*cking cool.”
  • “Wow, I loved Reply 1994 so much. This is so heartwarming.”
  • “Wow, so cool hehe. Wow.”

We’d love a friend like her! It’s great to see the friendship between the two still going strong!

Source: theqoo