Actress Go Min Si Rumored To Be In A Relationship With Rapper Gray — Agency Gives An Official Statement

Here’s how the rumors started.

Actress Go Min Si and rapper Gray were swept up in dating rumors when eagle-eyed fans realized their latest Instagram updates were oddly similar in location. While they never took photos at the same angle and spot, the photos were taken within the same vicinity. Both of them had been traveling in the West Coast.

In particular, this photo on a road junction was spotlighted. This location has fast become a popular photo spot for tourists, and it seems like the pair was no exception.

| @callmegray/Instagram

The particular green shrubbery and pavements were easily recognizable.

| @callmegray/Instagram

Fans quickly put two and two together.

| @gominsi/Instagram

The area is known for its proximity to West Hollywood and the Sunset Strip.

| @gominsi/Instagram

Fans also spotted Go Min Si posing in front of the iconic Hollywood sign in the mountains.

| @gominsi/Instagram

Gray posted a photograph at a gas stop near the mountain ranges.

| @callmegray/Instagram

The pair was careful to upload the photographs on different days. But given the pair’s fame, the public began to grow suspicious. While Gray’s agency did not comment on the news, Go Min Si’s agency gave a statement to the Korean media outlet OSEN.

As the dating rumors concern the actress’ private life, we have nothing to say.

— Yedam Entertainment

Go Min Si gained fame through more minor roles in shows such as Love Alarm before moving on to a more starring role with Sweet Home and Youth of May. On the other hand, Gray has penned and sung many hit songs such as “Just Do It” and “Make Love”.

Source: Chosun Biz