“Sweet Home” Actress Go Min Si Had A Surprising Job Before She Became An Actress

It’s so unexpected!

Actress Go Min Si recently gained attention for her starring role as Lee Eun Yoo in Netflix‘s Sweet Home. As she plays an injured ballerina in the show, she revealed that she had to learn ballet as well in real life, in order to pull off the role well.

Go Min Si revealed that she put in lots of effort into learning the art well as her character is one that is super talented at the dance.

Go Min Si shared that even after filming wrapped up, she still continued to take ballet classes as it grew on her personally. She now does it as a hobby and form of exercise.

What surprised viewers and fellow castmates however, was her job prior to debut as an actress. Go Min Si revealed that she did not attend university when she was younger and tried looking for a job right out of high school. Her first taste of society came when she entered the workforce as a wedding planner! Yup, you heard that right. She was a wedding planner before debut, but decided to continue to pursue her love for acting soon enough.

Check out the full interview below.