Go Yujin From “Produce 48” Announces That She Has Given up on Debuting as an Idol

She declared that she will live her life as a non-celebrity.

Go Yujin, who is a trainee under 8D Creative and made an appearance on Mnet’s Produce 48, took to her Instagram to announce that she has given up on debuting and that she will live her life as a non-celebrity.

Her announcement reads as follows:

Hello, this is Go Yujin.

I’ve currently left the company. I wanted to debut, but things didn’t go the way I wanted.

It’s something that needs to be backed up with luck, and so many bad things happened and it took such a big toll mentally that I ended up quitting.

I can’t tell you the details as of yet, but I’ll make sure to let you know when I can.

I’ve been a trainee for a long time and worked hard at it, but once I realized this lifestyle was eating away at me, each day became too difficult to bear.

So I gave up on my long dream, and I feel sorry to my fans who waited for my debut, but I think I’ll live my life as a non-celebrity from now on.

Also, I’d like to add that I never tried to deceive you by making you think I was going to debut.

Due to personal circumstances, I was unable to talk about my debut or the company.

I did my best to communicate with all of you through YouTube, Instagram, and live broadcast as a thank you to my fans who cheered me on and loved me, and from now on, I plan to repay the love you’ve given me by continuing to communicate with those who’ll still love me as a non-celebrity by chatting with you and showing you content and things I’m good at.

I won’t mention the problems that arose because I’m a non-celebrity.

It’s common to get hurt as a person who’s not a public figure. I ask that you refrain from spreading false rumors and making personal attacks.

If it’s too excessive, I’ll have no choice but to take legal measures.

Thank you again to those who’ve been waiting for me and I apologize that I couldn’t tell you right away.

– Go Yujin

Source: Dispatch